Positive parenting

Parents and carers can access a range of groups that offer practical advice and support with parenting. We deliver programmes that are evidence based, tried and tested.

The content is written by professional psychologists who have conducted years of research into what works to manage behaviours and difficulties that we can all face as parents. 

Everyone has busy lives and we are all different, so there are different types of groups you can access depending on your needs and at times to suit you.


Seminars are for those who are generally coping well but have one or two concerns or would simply like to gather some tips.

Seminars are large, one-off information sessions covering positive parenting techniques for parents and carers who want basic information and advice to take home and try. 

Discussion groups

Discussion groups are for those who are enjoying parenting but want to know how to deal with specific problem behaviour.

These are two-hour, small group sessions that offer practical advice for tackling a specific problem behaviour, and you can choose from a range of topics. 

Group parenting programmes

Group parenting programmes are for those who are finding being a parent a bit of a challenge.

Group programmes range from 9 to 15 weeks and cover the full range of parenting strategies with personalised support to help you put these into practice back home. There are different programmes depending on the age of your child / children and their needs.

For information and help if you’re having relationship difficulties and tips on how to stay calm and work out what needs to happen visit relationship matters.

Co-Parenting group programmes

Co-parenting is challenging whether you are parents living together or parents who are separated. In Sheffield we recognise this and have a number of programmes you can access to support.

See the documents in supporting information to see what we have running and when.

Special educational needs and disabilities support

Sheffield Parent Hub has a range of programmes specifically designed for parents and carers of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Groups are friendly and welcoming, and non-judgemental. You will have the opportunity to meet other parents and carers, discuss experiences and ideas. You will be supported to find the best solutions for you and your family.

97% of parents have rated the SEND parenting programmes as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’. View the guide in supporting information to see what is running and when.

Sleep support

Sleep hygiene is the behavioural and environmental factors that are necessary for a quality night time sleep and full day time alertness.

In partnership with Sheffield Children’s Hospital sleep clinic, we offer sleep seminars and clinics for parents and carers. These support you to look at the factors that impact on quality night-time sleep and full daytime alertness and give you tools and strategies to develop a sleep plan.

Comments from parents who have used our services

“A bit of a lifeline to be honest. A mixture of brilliant, kind, empathetic and experienced programme leaders and a lovely group of fellow parents, eager to share and help. Highly recommend!”

“I have found it very helpful and it has taught me a lot of new things.”

“By attending the programme I have learnt not just from the workers but by talking and listening with other parents. I have learnt to be calmer, and that has made the children calmer and their behaviour has improved.”

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