Team Around the Person co-ordinated support for adults

The Team Around the Person (TAP) service aims to support you as an individual when you have multiple needs that are escalating and a co-ordinated plan is required.

Our vision is to place you at the centre of your care and support plan, ensuring your voice is heard and to help you shape the outcomes you want to achieve. It is important to us that you receive the right care at the right time.

When you should get us involved

You should get us involved when:

  • you are dealing with multiple services and your access to support is not clear
  • you are having difficulty in accessing the things you need which are in your support plan
  • you do not know what course of action should be taken
  • you have had a discussion with your support worker about your aims and objectives

How to make a referral

To receive support from TAP a referral form needs to be completed.

You can self-refer; however, we suggest that the services already involved in supporting you complete the referral form with you and email it securely to

Professionals can contact us if they are unsure about whether a TAP referral is suitable, and we will arrange for someone to talk it through.

What happens next

Once we have received a referral for you, we will arrange for a meeting to be held that is focussed on you and meeting your aims and objectives.

The meeting will be arranged by the TAP team and will be guided by an impartial chair (the TAP Co-ordinator). It will include you, your family or support network and the other people working with you (such as Community Support Workers, Housing, Health). It will ensure that a tailored action plan for you is created and agreed by all involved. The meetings will continue until the plan is completed.

Huddles for professionals

A huddle is an informal gathering of practitioners that meet to discuss next steps or seek advice from fellow practitioners about live cases.

Huddles give people the opportunity to meet other professionals. It’s a supportive, safe place where people can ask for information and guidance for a case they are currently working on. Professionals can ask for guidance or direction from the TAP Team on whether a case meets the criteria to be progressed as a TAP case.

If you are a practitioner interested in attending a huddle, please contact us for future dates.

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