Short term help at home

You can get short-term support to help you regain your independence at home from our Short Term Intervention Team. You may need this help because of an illness, after a fall, or because you’re leaving hospital.

The team will be able to help you with:

  • information and advice about organisations near to you that can help you regain independence in your own home
  • the strength and ability to continue to live in your own home, particularly with personal care (washing and getting changed), preparing meals and medication
  • the confidence to live independently by giving you the opportunity to talk through what you are struggling with and either learn new ways to do things or use equipment to support you
  • the ability to maintain contact with family and friends

The service may be available to you for up to 6 weeks (although often people are helped to regain their independence in a much shorter time and don’t need any long term support).

A friendly member of the team will talk you through what will happen and our commitment to you whilst you get this service. There is no cost for help up to a maximum of 6 weeks, although there may be a cost for any equipment you buy or monitoring services installed in your home.

You will be charged for any support provided after 6 weeks.

If you do still have care and support needs we will carry out an assessment of your needs. If your assessment shows you have eligible long-term care and support needs, we’ll help you plan the support you need.

To check if you’re eligible for this short-term help please contact us.  Staff will talk to you about how you can stay independent safe and well.

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