Equipment and adaptations for your home

If a change to your home could help you carry out day to day tasks we may be able to help.

Our team of occupational therapy assessors work with people to make sure they can live safely at home. They give advice about safer ways of doing things, finding equipment, moving house or adaptations to your property that make your life easier.

They will work with you to decide what equipment and/or adaptations might be suitable for you, and they can also tell you about how technology can support you at home. This is often called telecare or Technology Enabled Care.

If you want to pay for changes to your home yourself, you can find out what equipment could help and where you can get it on Equipment to help you at home.

Who we can help

We can help you if you are struggling to cope with a health problem in your home and:

  • you have a mobility, long-term health need or learning disability and a specific type of housing is required
  • you are due to leave hospital but your accommodation isn’t suitable for your needs anymore
  • your housing is causing or making your significant mental health problem worse
  • you need to move nearer your carer for essential support for daily living
  • you are unsafe or struggling with everyday activities in your home

Equipment and adaptations we provide

Depending on your needs, we can make changes to your home including:

  • wheelchair access
  • shower chairs
  • stair lifts
  • second banister rails
  • bathroom adaptations

Grants for major adaptations

Following your assessment the assessor may recommend a major adaptation. Major adaptations involve significant alterations to your property such as the installation of a stair lift or a ramp. These can be expensive but you may be eligible for a grant towards the costs. Application for a grant follows the assessment and recommendation of a major adaptation by a Council assessor. We currently manage three grants for major adaptations to properties.

  • Disabled Facilities Grants – this is a means tested grant
  • Accelerated Adaptations Grants
  • Mandatory Disabled Works Grants – used for adaptations to Council Housing only

Request an assessment

You can ask us for an assessment using our online referral form. We'll use the information you give us to work out how we can help you. 

We will respond to your request within 10 working days to let you know if you will be assessed and when. If we are not going to offer you an assessment, we will give you advice on where you can find help.

Our waiting list for assessments is currently 6 months. However, if we believe your situation is urgent we will prioritise visiting you within 28 days.

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