Youth support

Integrated Youth Support is about providing a coordinated service to all young people according to their needs.

We currently have a ‘Delivering Differently for Young People in Sheffield’ project which explores ways to bring together a range of existing service provision, providing a holistic response to the needs of vulnerable young people. This has been ongoing since 2014 and will continue to exist.

Community Youth Teams (CYT)

Our Community Youth Teams (CTYs) are multi-agency teams aimed at young people aged 10 to 18 years who are in need of extra support to help them realise their potential. We aim to maintain engagement in school, employment and training, steering young people away from crime and anti-social behaviour.

Our team help young people make the right choices and avoid behaviours that harm them and their communities, such as drug or alcohol misuse, sexual exploitation or teenage pregnancy.

CYTs bring together a range of professionals from different organisations into a single integrated service, providing early intervention and prevention for young people who may be experiencing poor outcomes.

Workers who have come together to create the CYTs include:

  • Prevention Workers
  • Youth Workers
  • Targeted Youth Support (TYS)
  • Police Officers
  • Specialist Health Workers
  • Referrals

CYTs welcome referrals from young people themselves, parents, carers and professionals working with young people. If you would like to submit a referral please print off, complete the appropriate form and post it to us. If you wish to complete the form electronically please contact us.

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