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Roadworks permit scheme

Anyone carrying out works in a permit street will need a permit from us. This includes works by utility companies and works that we and our partners carry out. It does not include activities such as builder’s skips and scaffolding where the existing arrangements will be maintained.

The current scale of permit fees that apply in Sheffield is included in the Sheffield Supplementary Information Document. The fees will be reviewed each year.

Newly resurfaced streets & emergency roadworks

We work closely with utility companies to co-ordinate all roadworks. However, when emergencies happen, utility companies have a legal right to conduct new roadworks even if the road has just been resurfaced. Utility companies also have the right to provide new unplanned/unforeseen services. We mainly dig up the highway (road and footway) to replace worn out stretches and or make improvements.

Utility companies

Utility companies dig up the street to get at their equipment so that they can maintain, repair or renew it.

Under the New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 and The Traffic Management Act 2004 we have a duty to:

  • ensure proper safety measures are in place
  • co-ordinate all planned works carried out on the highway
  • protect newly repaired or rebuilt highways
  • minimise inconvenience and disruption to the travelling public which includes co-operation with adjoining Councils

Section 58 notices

A Section 58 restriction is a legal notice served by ourselves on utility companies who carry out work in the Sheffield area. The notice prevents these companies from digging up the road for a period of 3 to 5 years after resurfacing or reconstruction unless there is an emergency or unforeseen service requirement.

Road inspections

After the work on the street has been completed, it carries at least a 2-year guarantee. Our inspectors check at regular intervals within the guarantee period to ensure that the work is up to standard. If the work does not meet the required standard then our inspectors have the powers to ensure that the road is fixed.

Caring contractor scheme

South Yorkshire Councils (Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley), utility companies and their contractors operate a Caring Contractor Scheme. They have all agreed to meet certain basic standards for the work they undertake on the street.

Sheffield traffic manager

The Traffic Manager is responsible for ensuring that traffic (including pedestrians and cyclists) on the highway network is managed efficiently.

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