Apply for Street Naming and Numbering

The objective of Street Naming and Numbering is to establish unique, unambiguous and logical addresses so properties can be easily located. 

We are legally responsible for allocating property numbers and street names to new developments and property conversions within Sheffield. We must also approve all requests for property names.

If a property is not registered through the Street Naming and Numbering process, the owner / occupant will encounter difficulties in obtaining mail, goods and services.

Who can apply

You must apply to us if you are:

  • building new residential, commercial or industrial properties
  • undertaking conversions of existing buildings that will result in the creation of new premises
  • wishing to add or change the name of an existing property

You must not allocate your own property numbers, building names or street names.


From 1 April 2024, the following fees will apply and must be paid in full prior to any work being undertaken.

These fees are not subject to VAT.

Addresses for new properties and amending addresses of existing properties (such as converting houses to flats):

  • £107 for 1 property
  • £142 for 2 to 5 properties
  • £267 for 6 to 25 properties
  • £594 for 26 to 75 properties
  • £1,129 for 76 to 175 properties
  • £2,199 for 176+ properties

Change by the developer after the initial allocation of addresses:

  • £136 for 1 property
  • £185 for 2 to 5 properties
  • £350 for 6 to 25 properties
  • £772 for 26 to 75 properties
  • £1,468 for 76 to 175 properties
  • £2,858 for 176+ properties

Other services

  • new street naming: £89 per street
  • add or change a house name: £107 per property
  • confirmation of address letter: £54
  • other enquiries: £72 per hour

What to include in your application

When you submit an application, you will need the following:

  • your contact details
  • details of the property or development
  • planning reference
  • relevant plans, such as location, site, floor
  • any suggestions for street / building names, although we can allocate these on your behalf on your request

All street and building names will be reviewed and require approval. 

Developers should discuss proposed names with the Council before they are used for marketing or legal documentation to determine whether they could be considered as part of the official address.

How to apply

You should submit an application once you have received planning permission (where applicable) and in the early stages of any new build or conversion. 

Utility companies will not install services without an official address and postcode.

To apply and for all other requests or queries please email Please check our policy before making an application.


Royal Mail is responsible for issuing postcodes, which will only be provided following notification of new addresses by the Council.

Royal Mail will store new addresses in their database, and it is the responsibility of the developer / owner to advise Royal Mail once the new property is complete. The address will then be made visible on Royal Mail's postcode address file and their online postcode finder tool.

What happens next

We will acknowledge receipt of an application. After we have reviewed it, we will provide a link through which the fee can be paid.

Once the fee has been paid, we will arrange for addresses to be allocated. When the work is complete, we then provide official paperwork. 

Allocation time

For new addresses on an existing street, addresses will typically be allocated within 15 working days from receipt of payment.

If a new street name is required, addresses will typically be allocated within 25 working days from receipt of payment.

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