Walking for Purpose

Walking for Purpose has developed into an exercise project for residents of Sheffield, run by community groups in some areas of the city. The project aims to work with participants in their local community to improve their health by accessing a weekly programme of physical exercise.

Benefits to walking

We want to improve your health and walking can have significant health benefits, which is something we would like to support you with. We also know that each individual is on their own journey and has their own hopes and aspirations.

We aim to be a steppingstone towards helping you achieve those goals. Accessing the project means that you can have the opportunity to work closely with community partners and make the most of their skills and knowledge.

(For further details please contact the individual groups for details)

Walks are being run by:

Darnall Well Being 

Email: dwb.enquiries@darnallwellbeing.org.uk.

Phone: 0114 249 6315 or Text/Call: 07946 320 808


Heeley City Farm - https://www.heeleyfarm.org.uk/

Email: dawn.young@heeleyfarm.org.uk or info@heeleyfarm.org.uk

Phone: 0114 258 0482 


Heely Trust - http://heeleytrust.org/

Email: info@heeleytrust.org

Phone: 0114 250 0613


Manor & Castle Development Trust -  https://manorandcastle.org.uk/

Email: info@manorandcastle.org.uk

Phone: 0114 278 9999


ShipShape - https://www.shipshape.org.uk

Email: info@shipshape.org.uk

Phone: 0114 250 0222


SOAR Community – Referral Only

4SLC Trust (Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre) - https://www.stocksbridgeclc.co.uk/

Email: admin@stocksbridgeclc.co.uk

Phone: 0114 288 3792 or Katy on 07444142359


Woodhouse and District Community Forum - https://www.mywoodhouse.co.uk/

Email: mail@mywoodhouse.co.uk

Phone: 0114 2690222


ZEST - https://www.zestcommunity.co.uk/

Email:  abi.goodman@zestcommunity.co.uk or health@zestcommunity.co.uk

Phone: 07928 814 805 (Zest Centre 0114 270 2040 or Zest Office 0114 270 2041)

Please note due to Covid-19 restrictions some activities may be postponed until after the restrictions are relaxed.

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