Sheffield Local Drugs Information System

From Harm to Hope is the 10-year National Drug Strategy. It places a responsibility on Sheffield City Council and relating substance misuse services to reduce drug and alcohol related deaths.

The Office for Health Improvement and Disparities recommends that Local Authorities create and embed a Local Drug Information System (LDIS). An LDIS provides an effective response to drug alerts and non-fatal overdose incidents.

Organisations in Sheffield can report information about any dangerous drug through the LDIS. They can also join a local network to share information about harmful substances.

Local Drug Information System

An LDIS shares and assesses information relating to any dangerous substance. This is regardless of their legal status.

It aims to reduce harm by such substances by ensuring information rapidly reaches the right people. It:

  • facilitates the robust sharing of information across a range of partner organisations
  • develops appropriate responses to shared information through consistent assessment and grading processes
  • informs people who use drugs and professionals of an immediate risk


The LDIS process is not for reporting concerns about the use of illicit substances.

The LDIS Panel does not replace the NHS National Patient Safety Alerting System or the mandated health protection process for biological contamination (issues such as anthrax or botulism).

Professional Information Network

This is a network of local professionals who are likely to encounter any dangerous drug and the people who use them. It will:

  • provide local information about substances that pose a risk
  • share information, experience and knowledge across partners that can inform alerts or actions
  • cascade information and alerts to specific professionals and people who may use substances

If your organisation is not part of the Professional Information Network (PIN), and you would like it to be, get in touch with the Sheffield LDIS through

For consistency, you will also need to copy in South Yorkshire Police Drug Intelligence into your email.

How to report information to the LDIS

Complete a local drug information form.

Afterwards, return the form by email to both LDIS and South Yorkshire Drug Intelligence, so that all co-ordinators receive the information.

What will happen to information

The LDIS Coordinator monitors incoming information Monday to Friday. They will notify the LDIS panel members of any received information. We have a process map that details these steps.

If a professional has been involved with an incident leading to a LDIS notification, they may be invited to provide more information. They may also be asked to become part of the LDIS Panel during the assessment of that incident.

What happens when you receive a LDIS alert

Any alert issued by the LDIS will have clear guidance and instructions. It will include who the information is intended for and any action that should be taken.

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