Lost or found dogs

If you find a stray dog you should either:

  • return it to its owner (if possible)
  • contact us and have it collected
  • visit our kennels on Bower Spring, S3 8PB

Alternatively, you could opt to keep hold of the dog and look after it yourself until its owner comes forward. You must contact us to obtain further information.

We keep a database register of all dogs that are lost or found and reported to us.

Lost dogs

If you have lost your dog, then contact us to:

  • see if your dog has been reported as found
  • see if we have had any reports of your dog being seen in an area

You can also contact our kennels directly on 07817 497 995 to see if your dog has been impounded.  

Stray dogs

All stray dogs in the city are our responsibility. Under Section 68 of the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005, the Police are no longer involved in seizing stray dogs and do not have a duty to accept strays if taken to a Police Station.

Anyone who finds a stray dog must inform us, and has a legal obligation to hand the dog to either its owner or us. If you wish to report a stray dog please contact us.


If your dog is impounded as a stray, there will be a reclaim fee to pay. This is:

  • £65 for the first 2 days
  • £15 per day after that

Plus any veterinary treatment required for the dog. After 7 days, if the dog has not been reclaimed, it will become our property and may be available for adoption.

Adopt a dog

Our kennel staff are experienced in matching unwanted dogs with new owners. If you feel that you could give a home to a new pet they would like to hear from you. The staff will listen to your preferences and suggest the sort of pet that would suit you best. If we have suitable dogs the staff can arrange for you to seem them.

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