Historic environment characterisation

South Yorkshire's Historic Environment Characterisation is available online.

Key features you can use are:

  • an interactive map
  • searches using your postcode or keyword
  • Descriptions of Character Zones of Barnsley,Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield

Why did we do this project?

Remnants of past land uses can still exist within today’s landscape. These layers of history allow us to understand how places have developed and changed over time. By understanding how landscapes have evolved we can manage future change and preserve landscape features that give places their unique character and identity.

Everyone can understand and value the historic environment all around them. Wherever you live or work, your home or workplace will have a ‘Historic Character'. Character Zones are a great way to discover the key historic developments that have left their mark on our surroundings; our place search and interactive map can tell you about the streets you live, work or go to school in.

For more information see Historic Environment Characterisation - what is it and why is it important?

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