Our approach explained

In order to continuously improve services we are trying to ensure that applications contain all the information needed to assess the proposal and make a decision from the point at which they are registered. 

Benefits of our approach

  • avoid an application being declared invalid due to the absence of a required supporting submission
  • avoid delays in the processing of valid applications (arising from requests for supporting statements after the application is submitted, and sometimes also requiring a further period of consultation)
  • help officers to process the application efficiently
  • ensure that those consulted, including statutory consultees and the public, have all the information needed to comment on the proposal
  • minimise the risk of abortive work and redesign work
  • overall help delivering a speedier decision

Our approach

  • to only require information necessary to determine the application and/or to draft the planning permission and any conditions
  • for information requests to be proportionate to the type and scale of application being made
  • to minimise the need for further submissions of additional information, in order to allow a reasonable opportunity to determine applications within National Indicator targets
  • to give the applicant more certainty about the type of information required from the outset

This checklist provides guidance and links to detailed advice relevant to Sheffield, as well as on national issues, which will help applicants to submit a properly supported application.

Applicants do find this guidance useful because it makes clear what the requirement in Sheffield are.

Agents can face commercial pressures to submit applications before it is possible to pull together all the required supporting submissions.

In view of the difficulties this creates for consultation and assessment, work will not begin on applications that are invalid through lack of information, and we will not be in a position to negotiate with or advise applicants.

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