Hillsborough Park Conservation Area

Hillsborough Park Conservation Area is located approximately 3 miles north west of the City Centre. It is bounded to the east by Penistone Road, to the north by Parkside Road, Middlewood Road to the West and Hawksley Avenue to the south.

The majority of the Conservation Area consists of Hillsborough Park itself, sitting within the original boundary of the 18th Century park and garden attached to Hillsborough Hall.

The Conservation Area also takes in a number of buildings which sit outside the park, including Hillsborough Trinity Methodist Church and 108 Middlewood Road.

Despite parts of the park being given over to various recreational uses, the character of the area feels very similar, partly thanks to the survival of its 18th Century landscaping. Much of these recreational uses were expanded from the 1930s onward as the population grew.

The special interest that justifies the designation of the Hillsborough Conservation Area derives from the following:

  • Grade II listed Hillsborough Hall built in 1779, including stables, walled gardens and lodge houses
  • 'Hillsborough Schools', Grade II listed
  • 104 Parkside Road known as Hillsborough House, Grade II listed
  • historical importance as an example of an 18th Century park and garden
  • the park is a example of the late 19th Century Sheffield Corporation legacy of providing recreational facilities across the city
  • distinctive boundary walls and railings , including East and West lodges both Grade II listed
  • important open space and distinctive views such as the row of Poplars on the South of the park

Date of designation

Hillsborough Park Conservation Area was designated on 5 January 1993.

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