Hanover Conservation Area

Hanover Conservation Area is located in the suburbs of Sheffield approximately 1km south west of the city centre. The Conservation Area has a wholly urban setting and contains very few open spaces. It is comprised of 3 separate and distinct areas:

  • Glossop Road, Wilkinson Street and Broomspring Lane form the main body of the Conservation Area
  • Gell Street (west side) was severed from the main area by the late 20th Century ring road
  • Hanover Square, made up of 15 mid 19th Century houses and a church, all listed buildings

The special interest that justifies the designation of the Hanover Conservation Area comes from some of the following features:

  • the historic 19th Century street pattern and overall unity of the architecture
  • the 2 Gothic listed stone churches of St Andrew's and St Silas
  • architectural and historical quality of many individual buildings, including 96 of which are listed
  • a former 19th Century grinding hull and cutlery forge
  • large roadside trees, ie Wilkinson Street
  • historic floors, natural stone kerbs and cobbled streets
  • stone piers, gate posts and iron street signage

Date of designation

The Conservation Area was originally designated in April 1978.

Conservation Area Appraisal

In our duty to periodically review historic areas and to publish proposals for their future preservation and enhancement, we have undertaken an appraisal in the Area.

Following a consultation period, a report went to Cabinet on 21 March 2012 for adoption. 

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