Sport and Leisure Strategy

Following our community and stakeholder consultation in early 2022, we have worked with our partners to develop a new Sport and Leisure Strategy for Sheffield.

The strategy sets out how we will contribute to achieving the shared vision set out in the city’s Move More Physical Activity Strategy. This will help us create a healthier, happier and more connected Sheffield.

Our ambition is to have facilities, activities and services that are modern, welcoming and inclusive. We want to meet the needs of everybody in Sheffield and encourage more people to be more active.

The Sport and Leisure Strategy provides a framework to ensure we maximise the contribution that our sport, leisure assets and services can make to our wider ambitions and strategic priorities.

It will guide investment and focus our activities over the next 10 years.

Strategy themes

The strategy is centred around 6 key themes. It outlines our commitments under each of these themes:

Investing in an Active Sheffield

We will invest our available resources in high quality indoor and outdoor sport and leisure facilities. This will create access for those with the least resources and reflect our desire to minimise any impact on the environment.

Inspiring Sporting Achievement

We will ensure that major sporting events attract investment and deliver social and economic benefits to Sheffield. Local sporting talent should reach its full potential through a network of support, coaching and quality facilities.

Active Communities

We will enable local, enjoyable and accessible opportunities for everyone to be active in their own neighbourhood. We will focus our support on groups who are least likely to take part, such as the elderly, disabled and those with long term health conditions.

Active Children and Young People

We will work in partnership to enable positive experiences of physical activity for children and young people. This will better support their physical and mental health and their personal and educational development.

Active Environments

We will prioritise the design of safe, attractive and environmentally sustainable places and routes across all neighbourhoods and communities. We will support active travel options and make it easier for people to be active in their everyday lives.

Connecting Health and Wellbeing

We will collaborate with local sport and physical activity organisations and health providers. This will promote joined up thinking to support local residents in moving more and feeling great.

You can refer to the Sport & Leisure Strategy document for more detail on the themes and the strategy. 

Future consultation

We continue to consult with both partners and Sheffield residents as we develop plans to ensure our strategic priorities meets the needs of everybody in the city. If you’d like to take in part, please get in touch with us.

Ways to get Active in Sheffield

There are many ways to bring movement into your day-to-day life, and there are several local resources that you can use on this page.

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