Barbecues in parks

We accept the use of personal barbecues in our parks, but if you are intending to do so, please follow our advice:

  • choose your location carefully and consider the safety of other park users
  • make sure that the barbecue is safe and cannot fall over
  • do not place the barbecue directly onto the grass or on park furniture, where it can damage the surface and leave a burn mark. If possible use a barbecue designed with legs or place on a non combustible surface like a brick to prevent damage
  • take care with the disposal of the hot ashes, do not dispose of these in a bin or throw them onto adjacent land (take some water to extinguish the burning charcoals)
  • don't allow the smoke to disturb other park users
  • keep children and pets safe at all times
  • ensure that food is thoroughly cooked and stored in good hygienic containers
  • don't put leftover food scraps in the litter bins as this encourages foraging by dogs or foxes etc
  • ensure that all litter is taken home with you

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Is this page helpful?