Paying for your allotment

Paying your invoice 2022-23

The invoices for 2022-2023 have been raised and you should have received your invoice in April. If you have not received and paid your invoice, it is now very overdue. For any queries relating to your invoice, or if you did not receive your invoice, please contact the allotment office by email if possible (, or by phone on 0114 250 0500. Direct debit collections commenced in May.

Ending your tenancy

If you want to end your tenancy, contact the Allotment Office immediately in writing (including email). If you do not do so  your tenancy will continue and you remain responsible for the plot.

Tenancy Transfers

You can transfer your plot to an immediate family member or a co-worker who has been registered for long enough. You must request this in writing or email by mid-March for the transfer to take effect for the next rental year.

Notices to Quit

If you receive a Notice to Quit for non-payment of rent for the third time during your tenancy, the Notice will not be automatically rescinded on receipt of payment during the notice period. To protect your tenancy, please ensure that you pay your invoice promptly. If you are having any problems paying, please contact us as soon as possible.

Contact Allotments Team

Level 3
West Wing
Moorfoot Building
S1 4PL
0114 2500 500
Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

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Is this page helpful?