Request a parking bay suspension

The Traffic Regulation Orders contain details of our power to suspend the use of parking bays. You can request that specific parking bays, for example Pay and Display, Permit Holders Only, Disabled and Loading bays are kept clear of parked vehicles in certain circumstances such as:

  • maintenance of adjacent property where highway access is required for deliveries, essential vehicles, skips etc
  • skips on the highway
  • maintenance of trees
  • Police request
  • security reasons
  • filming - contact us about filming in the city
  • any other reason accepted by ourselves

We will not suspend bays to provide parking for vehicles unless they are essential for works in the suspended area (such as an asbestos removal vehicle). Other works or private vehicles should be parked legally elsewhere (for example in nearby Pay and Display parking).

Parking bay suspension

You will need to submit your parking bay suspension application form at least 14 days before the required date. 

Charges and payment

If your application is accepted, we will contact you for payment. Full payment must be made at least 9 days before the suspension start date. You can pay by credit card, debit card or BACS. The charge will depend on the zone that the suspension is required for.


Daily charge per 5m section of bay

Non-refundable administration fee

City centre controlled parking zone£17.90£29.85
All other areas£6.10£29.85

Contact Parking Suspensions

PO Box 3830
S1 9AQ

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