Floods and flood management research guide

Sheffield is located on the confluence of five major rivers (the Don, Porter, Loxley, Rivelin and the Sheaf) and is nestled in several hills. As a result, it is an area very prone to flooding.

The combination of its many hills and rivers have been exploited by generations, who have used the rivers as a source of power for various industries. From early mill and dam systems powering local forges, corn mills and paper mills, to the mass expansion of the steel and cutlery industry during the industrial revolution, Sheffield’s rivers have been a key driving mechanism in the city’s industrial development. However, over the years, the utilisation of the city’s water courses, combined with severe weather events and rapid urbanisation has led to numerous incidents of flooding across many areas of the city. 

Sheffield City Archives and Sheffield Local Studies Library have a wealth of material about key flooding events that have occurred in the city, as well as material relating to water resource management and the development of various types of flood defence.

Contact us on archives@sheffield.gov.uk to find out more, book in advance or order archival materials.

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