Our values

We have developed three core values to guide the way we work:

1. people are at the heart of what we do

2. openness and honesty are important to us

3. together we get things done

Why they’re important

Our values have been developed by employees, for employees. They guide how we do things each day, individually and together, irrespective of our role or location. Above all, they aim to make our organisation a positive and productive place to work.

Watch the short video message from our Chief Executive, Kate Josephs, to hear more about our new values and why they’re important to us.

What they mean to us

You’ll see below some statements about each of our values. These have been developed by our employees to give examples of what the values mean in practice. They also show how equality, diversity and inclusion apply across all of our values.


People are at the heart of what we do

What this means:

  • We respect and support people
  • We listen to people to understand what matters to them
  • We treat people as individuals and value diversity
  • We promote equality and challenge discrimination
  • We support each other's health and wellbeing 

Openness and honesty are important to us

What this means:

  • We communicate in a clear, timely and effective way
  • We create an environment where people can speak up
  • We discuss challenges and work together to address them
  • We explain what we can and can't do
  • We share information and learning
Together we get things done

What this means:

  • We all work to achieve the Council's priorities
  • We actively include diverse views to guide our work
  • We are adaptable and productive
  • We improve what we do for the people we work for and with
  • We take pride in doing our work well


How we make our values part of the workplace

We want the way we work – both individually and as an organisation – to truly reflect our values. We’re working hard to embed the values in our policies and ways of working and want to recruit people who feel as passionately about them as we do. 


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