Apprenticeships with Sheffield City Council

We are one of the largest employers in Sheffield and offer a range of benefits to our employees, including career pathways, flexible working options and a generous annual leave scheme. We are an inclusive employer and champion equality and diversity within our workforce and in our apprenticeship programme.

An apprenticeship is a great way to kick start your career with us. You'll: 

  • work alongside experienced employees
  • gain real work experience in your chosen field
  • be paid an apprentice wage while you are learning

All training and qualifications are paid for and, on successful completion of your apprenticeship, you will be well placed to go on to gain employment with us.

Wide range of apprenticeships

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships in professions including:

  • Customer Services
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Administration
  • Plumbing
  • Electricians
  • Plastering
  • Housing Officer
  • IT Specialist
  • Horticulture
  • Accountancy 
  • and much more

Apprenticeship wage at Level 2 and 3

Apprentices work towards a professional qualification while gaining valuable work experience and being paid. We value our apprentices and this is reflected in the pay we offer.

Apprenticeship year What you will get paid
Year 1 Apprentice rate of Sheffield Council Living Wage (17% higher than the apprentice national minimum wage)
Year 2 Sheffield Council Living Wage appropriate for the apprentice's age

Additional benefits:

  • the cost of the apprenticeship and required qualification
  • £28 travel costs per month
  • £100 clothing allowance
  • mentor support
  • NUS Extra Card
  • extensive training package
  • £400 bonus on successful completion of probationary period
  • peer support through our Sheffield Council Apprentice Network

Higher Apprenticeship wage at level 4 to 7

Higher apprentices work towards an academic qualification while gaining valuable work experience and being paid.

Apprenticeship level What you will get paid
Level 4 to 6 Sheffield Council Living Wage appropriate for apprentice's age
Level 7 Paid in line with the Sheffield Council Graduate rate of pay

Additional benefits:

  • payment of apprenticeship qualification and college fees
  • NUS Extra Card
  • recognised qualification by end of Apprenticeship
  • Local Government Pension Scheme
  • 25 days holiday entitlement for a full time Apprentice, plus 8 days Bank Holidays
  • mentor and buddy, Peer Support Network and Equality, Inclusion and Carers’ Networks
  • flexible working
  • SCC discounts as available to all employees

Which route is best for you

Apply directly for an apprenticeship

You can apply directly for an apprenticeship with us. Our apprenticeship vacancies are advertised on our website and at our recruitment fairs.

Some vacancies will not be advertised at our Recruitment Fairs, so keep checking the jobs section on a regular basis.

The process is the same for any applicant applying for a job with us. You will complete an application form and, if shortlisted, you will be invited in for an interview.

Recruitment fairs

Recruitment Fairs are for anyone interested in finding our more about our apprenticeships. Come along and browse our stalls, listen to our apprentices tell their stories and find out more about working for us. Our recruiting managers and some of our current apprentices will be present to help you decide if an apprenticeship is right for you. 

If you want to become a trainee with us you should attend one of our Recruitment Fairs.

They are held twice a year in February and July. Bookings are available from November for the February Recruitment Fair and May for the July Recruitment Fair.

Traineeship route

Most of our apprentices start out as trainees. You can find out more about beginning a traineeship by coming along to one of our recruitment fairs.

Our traineeship provides young people aged 16 to 24 with the skills and experience to prepare them for successfully gaining an apprenticeship.

The traineeship programme has a 92% success rate in helping trainees move on to an apprenticeship.

The programme includes:

  • work preparation training such as completing application forms, interview skills and interpersonal skills
  • boosting motivation, confidence and the ability to demonstrate potential to an employer
  • high quality, insightful work experience of at least 6 weeks
  • guaranteed interview for the apprentice posts on offer

As long as the learner is eligible, traineeships are free to undertake and will not affect receipt of Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support or Lone Parent benefits. Those who are eligible can also access a Learner Bursary or Learner Support Funding. A travel allowance is paid to all trainees while attending this programme.

Business and Administration apprenticeship

This programme typically runs for 12 to 18 months at Level 2, or 18 to 24 months at Level 3, and is a competence and knowledge based apprenticeship. This is one of our more popular apprenticeships and complements an apprentice in job roles such as receptionist, business support officer or administrative assistant.

The apprenticeship covers a range of skills including:

  • communication in a business environment
  • understanding employer organisations
  • principles of providing administrative services
  • managing personal performance and development
Repairs and Maintenance apprenticeship

Apprentices will work alongside qualified tradespeople, gaining skills and training in their core trade. They will be working in both tenanted and vacant properties carrying out building maintenance and repair work.

The experience they collect on site will be used towards their diploma at both level 2 and 3. Apprentices will be enrolled in local or regional colleges where they will attend on either day or block release depending on their trade. 

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to achieve a qualification within a construction trade along with the opportunity to learn new skills through our up skilling programme. 

Customer Services apprenticeship

The programme typically runs for 12 months at level 2 and includes a competence and knowledge based qualification. Upon completion there may be an opportunity to progress to a level 3.

This apprenticeship would  complement an apprentice in job roles such as customer service advisor, receptionist or helpdesk advisor.

The qualification units that are assessed cover skills such as:

  • delivering customer services
  • understanding customers
  • learning the principles of customer services
  • understanding employer organisations
Housing and Neighbourhood Service apprenticeship

Each year we recruit 20 apprentices to work in our housing service. We advertise in the summer and winter.

Recruitment starts by attending our Recruitment Fair, which showcases the positions on offer and the best route for you to apply. This will depend on your current qualifications and work readiness, however, all posts will be advertised and recruited to.

Many of our previous apprentices have gained permanent employment with us.

Housing apprenticeships are available at levels 2 and 3 and typically take 18 to 24 months to complete.

Both include qualifications which are competence and knowledge based.

Housing qualifications are available in a variety of housing and neighbourhood roles such as neighbourhood and support apprentices, leasehold officer apprentices and housing solutions apprentice.

The qualification approach builds on good operational management processes including:

  • a portfolio of evidence developed throughout the formative assessment process
  • a case study
  • a panel interview/viva to confirm the evidence gained from the case study and portfolio

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