Worried about losing a mortgaged property

If you own your home you cannot be evicted unless the proper process has been followed. If you are occupying the property a court order will always be needed before you can be evicted.

Action to take possession of your property may be taken by your mortgage lender or, if the property is leasehold, by the freeholder of the land. 

Action by the mortgage lender

Your mortgage lender is likely to take to action to repossess your home if you do not pay your mortgage.

You should seek help immediately if:

  • your lender is taking action to repossess your home
  • you are having difficulty paying your mortgage
  • you are worried that you may not be able to pay your mortgage

Even if you case has already been to court in may not be too late to get help.

Contact your lender immediately

Keeping your lender informed about your circumstances will usually mean they are more helpful towards you.

If your lender knows you are trying your best to pay the loan, they should give you more time to sort out your money problems. They may also be able to look at ways they make your mortgage more affordable.

Options the lender may be able to offer include;

  • an agreement that you not make your payments for a short period
  • switching you mortgage to interest only to reduce your monthly payments
  • extending the term of the loan
  • allowing you to make reduced payments for a short period

Seek independent money advice

There are a number of organisations in the city that provide free, independent advice on money and debt problems. They can help in a number of ways including:

  • looking at ways to increase your income, (e.g. by checking you are receiving all the state benefits you are entitled too)
  • help you to look at where you spend your income and whether you could manage your budget better
  • making sure you pay the most important things, like your mortgage, first
  • talk to your mortgage lender, and any other people you own money to, on your behalf and try to agree ways to help you
  • help you look at other ways to deal with your debts (e.g. bankruptcy)


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