Apply for a Selective Licence in London, Abbeydale or Chesterfield Road

The implementation of a Selective Licensing scheme along parts of London Road, Abbeydale Road and Chesterfield Road from 1 November 2018 was approved by Cabinet on 20 June 2018.   

How to apply

You will need to fill out the application form and pay a fee. The fee has been split into two payments.

The first is a processing fee of £500 which applies to all applications.

The second payment is the inspection and monitoring fee, this will apply to all applications and the amount will depend on if the application form has been fully and correctly completed and all requested documents are provided and valid. The required documents are set out in the application form.

It's important to read the guidance notes when completing the application form as these will help you to fully and correctly complete the form and make sure all required documentation is submitted.

Applications that are not fully completed or lack the requested documents will pay a higher inspection and monitoring fee.

We will contact you to confirm if your application is low or high risk and which fee applies.

About the Licence fees

Processing fee of £500

This applies to all applications and proof of correct payment must be sent it with the application form. If this proof is not sent in then the form will not be accepted

The processing fee is to cover the costs of:

  • cross checking that the information submitted is correct
  • checking that all supporting documents are included and valid
  • carrying out ownership checks and cross checking IT systems
  • carrying out Fit and Proper checks
  • entrance onto training programmes
  • general administrative duties

Inspection and monitoring fee

This applies to all applications but the amount will depend on a risk assessment of the information received in the initial application. Once an application is received and processed we will contact you to confirm if your application is Low or High risk.

You will be asked to make the second payment within 28 days of request. If you do not make this payment within 28 days then your application is not valid which may result in action being taken against you for Failure to Licence.

Low Risk (£250)

These are applications which are fully and correctly completed including:

  • processing fee received and processed successfully
  • all interested parties included on application
  • all certification is provided, in date and complete/satisfactory
  • all signatures are present on declarations, including Fit and Proper compliance test, notification of interested other persons.
  • all required documentation is supplied and is valid (the application states clearly the required documentation)

High Risk (£500)

Applications that are not fully and correctly completed including:

  • no processing fee received, or is received but can’t be successfully processed, or is the incorrect amount
  • fraudulent information is provided
  • details of interested parties missing when cross checks or searches carried out
  • any required certificates or documentation is not supplied
  • any supplied certificates or documentation is not valid
  • unsigned declarations
Failure to Licence

Where no application is made you will be liable for the full total fee of £1,500 and may also be subject to prosecution action or the issue of a financial penalty.


All private rented properties in the designation area must have a licence from the 1 November 2018 unless you have a valid exemption.

Find out about exemptions from Selective Licensing

The following common exemptions apply:

  • houses in multiple occupation that require a mandatory licence under Part 2 of the Housing Act 2004
  • a temporary exception notice is in force under Section 86 of the Housing Act 2004
  • a management order is in place under Part 4 of the Housing Act 2004
  • the property is let out on a tenancy from a registered social landlord
  • where the property is the subject of a prohibition notice under Section 20 of the Housing Act 2004 (that is not suspended)
  • where we, or another similar organisation, let out the property

The full list of other exemptions are detailed in Statutory Instrument 370, 2006.

Pay Selective Licence fees online

Online payments are preferred. It’s quick, safe and secure to pay your Selective Licence fees online.

Pay Selective Licence fees by phone

You can pay your Selective Licence fees by phone on 0114 273 4680.

If you are unable to pay by either of these methods please contact the team.

Licence conditions

The Selective Licence is issued with certain Licence Conditions concerning property condition and management practice. These apply to the Licence Holder and any property manager and other person named on the Selective Licence. 

Training Requirement

All licence holders and managers named on the licence must attend suitable training on the law and legal requirements relating to property management.  This requirement can be satisfied in one of the following ways:

  • by attending our approved, one-day training course arranged and delivered by our training partner (free of charge)
  • approved training can be booked on the NRLA's website
  • by completion of other suitable training on the law and legal requirements relating to managing property subject to our approval in advance, and submission of a pass certificate or similar document for confirmation
About the public consultation

The Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety authorised a 13 week consultation programme on a proposed Selective Licensing scheme. The consultation ran from Monday 27 November 2017 to Friday 23 February 2018.

We are required to publish a legal notice announcing the decision, you can read this public notice below as well as documents/links related to the consultation.

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