Increasing council homes

Our city, like many across the country, has a growing demand for affordable housing.

We have embarked on an ambitious programme to deliver a programme of additional new council homes by 2029 – a combination of new builds and purchased properties. Our aim is to provide more choice of good quality and affordable homes for current residents and those who choose to live and work here in the future.

We are building new, environmentally friendly council properties where we know there is high demand for housing.

Current new build projects

Berners Road development, Arbourthorne

We're building 63 homes:

  • 18, 1 bed apartments
  • 26, 3 bed semi-detached houses
  • 19, 4 bed semi-detached houses

Our contractor is Engie.

View the Berners Road planning permission.

View the Berners Road location map.

Completed new build projects

Buchanan Green development, Parson Cross

We're building 140 supported living homes:

  • 95, 1 bed apartments
  • 27, 2 bed apartments
  • 18, 2 bed bungalows

Our contractor is United Living Group.

View the Buchanan Green planning permission.

View the Buchanan Green location map.

Find out about the key features and services available at the Buchanan Green retirement living accommodation.   

Daresbury View development, Arbourthorne

We're building 10 homes:

  • 6, 3 bed semi-detached houses
  • 4, 4 bed semi-detached houses

Our contractor is Engie.

View the Daresbury View planning permission.

View the Daresbury View location map.

Oxclose development, Mosborough

We've purchased 25 homes:

  • 11, 2 bed terraced houses
  • 10, 3 bed semi-detached houses
  • 4, 4 bed semi-detached houses

The developer was Taylor Wimpey.

View the Oxclose planning permission.

View the Oxclose location map.

Weakland development, Hackenthorpe

We've built 36 homes:

  • 17, 2 bed terraced
  • 4, 2 bed semi-detached
  • 12, 3 bed terraced 
  • 2, 3 bed semi-detached
  • 2, 4 bed semi-detached
  • 1, 4 bed detached

Our contractor was Engie Regeneration Ltd. 

View the Weakland planning permission.

View the location maps:

Weakland location A map

Weakland location B map

Weakland location C map

Knutton Crescent development, Parson Cross

We've built 4 semi-detached houses.

Our contractor was M-AR LTD.

View the Knutton Crescent planning permission.

View the Knutton Crescent location map.

Ouse Road development, Darnall

We've built 33 homes:

  • 5, 2 bed terraces houses
  • 4, 2 bed smi-detached houses
  • 9, 3 bed semi-detached houses
  • 13, 4 bed semi-detached houses
  • 2, 5 bed detached houses

Our contractor was Keepmoat.

View the Ouse Road planning permission.

View the Ouse Road location map.

Scotia Drive development, Manor

We've built 18 homes:

  • 6, 2 bed terraced houses
  • 6, 2 bed semi-detached houses
  • 4, 3 bed semi-detached houses
  • 1, 4 bed terraced house
  • 1, 4 bed semi-detached house

Our contractor was Keepmoat.

View the Scotia Drive planning permission.

When new homes are complete, they are advertised on the Sheffield Property Shop.

Homes for All Delivery plan

Our new ‘Homes for All’ Delivery plan sets out how we will provide new housing stock in the city that will support strong neighbourhoods, boost regeneration, and help people feel safe, warm and well.

It aims to make access to housing fair and remove any inequalities that exist.

The plan also describes how we will work with the private sector to create a mixed balance of quality housing for private sale, private rent and affordable rent.

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