Hanover Tower Block cladding investigation report

This report is the result of an investigation we carried out into why defective cladding was installed on the Hanover tower block in Broomhall.

The investigation was commissioned by the Council's Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety after the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

We have taken steps to ensure the safety of all tower block residents, including launching this investigation into how one of the city's Council-owned tower blocks was clad in material that did not pass a fire safety test.

What was investigated

A 3 year investigation was carried out which included gathering many documents and interviewing a number of relevant people. It looked at:

  • why the cladding on Hanover was different to all other tower blocks in the City
  • who authorised the installation of the ACM known as Alucobond PE
  • what steps were taken to ensure the fire safety of the materials in the cladding system
  • why the Council’s Building Control did not undertake inspections of the cladding material when it was put on

Our response

We have treated residents and their safety as our highest priority during this period. We have shared the report with them before sharing it publicly.

We acted swiftly to remove the cladding as soon as we were aware and replace it with cladding that meets the new fire safety requirements.

Our investigation

You can read our investigation report and appendices, as well as look through documents detailing our investigation.

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