Gypsy and traveller sites

Sheffield’s Gypsy and Traveller population is around 340 people (100 households) who live on our 2 long-term sites in Halfway and Lodge Moor, or in permanent housing throughout different parts of the city. Long Acre View (Halfway) has a total of 14 pitches, and Redmires Land (Lodge Moor) has 16 pitches. 

Visitors are allowed on these sites but a residence fee may be payable for vans. 

Each case is assessed on its merits and any toleration of unauthorised encampments will be in accordance with our policies. Vacancies on both sites do occur from time to time.  To put your name forward for the waiting list for either site, please contact us.

Developing more sites

There are not enough authorised pitches to cater for the current and projected future demand.  The sites we already have cannot be extended as they're not located on suitable land - Redmires is in green belt land and Longacre is on light industrial land which is now not suitable for further residential use.

We're currently looking for suitable potential land in the city and we'll release the list of suitable options once they've been agreed.  An extensive consultation process will be carried out with the local community and Gypsies and Travellers to give everyone the opportunity to voice their views.

It is better for all members of the community if a site can be identified by agreement following consultation in suitable locations.  By taking a positive approach we can have greater control over the identification of a site. If a site can be identified through the planning process it would prevent the need for illegal encampments which can cause conflict with the settled community and can cost us money if legal action has to be taken.

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