Hate crimes and hate incidents can include:

  • verbal abuse
  • threatening behaviour
  • offensive graffiti
  • harassment
  • malicious communications
  • damage to property
  • violence

We will record incidents which includes those the victim or witness feel have been committed on the grounds of:

  • disability
  • race
  • religion/faith and belief
  • sexual orientation
  • gender
  • gender identity
  • age

Hate crime is a violation of personal and civil rights. In order to take effective action, these crimes and incidents need to be reported.

Report hate crime & incidents

You can report a hate crime online or by contacting South Yorkshire Police.

If you do not want to contact the Police directly, you can report hate crimes and incidents to Crimestoppers or by visiting one of our reporting centres in Sheffield. These centres are there to act as a third party and are located at:

  • First Point (Howden House)
  • Heely City Farm
  • Madina Mosque
  • Sexual Health Sheffield
  • Sheena Amos Youth Trust
  • Sheffield City Council Human Resources (for staff only)
  • Sheffield Hallam University (for SHU students only)
  • Sheffield Pride
  • South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
  • University of Sheffield
  • Victim Support
Report a hate crime online

Sheffield Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel

The Sheffield Hate Crime Panel scrutinises reported incidents of hate crime within the city and offer advice to the Police and other public bodies on how best to deal with certain incidents.