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Is your child a fussy eater? No time or energy to cook from scratch, or engage in active play and learning with your little one? Is there really evidence that a healthy diet when young prevents obesity later in life? Or that playing with your child will teach good behaviour?

Hundreds of families like yours have made simple manageable changes towards a healthier lifestyle with Start Well Sheffield. We provide help and advice through an 8 week group programme or 1-1 support. We also support nurseries and other early years settings to provide healthy childcare.

HENRY group support

If you have a child aged 0-5 you can come along to a half day group for 8 weeks at a children’s centre or community venue near you. Creche facilities are provided so you can relax and enjoy the fun sessions with a small group of parents and 2 practitioners. Each week you will cover a specific topic, including juggling a busy life so you get all you need, mealtime tips, ideas for positive play and managing behaviour for a happy home.

Not ready or able to get to a group? Ask us about HENRY at home support.  If you meet the criteria, our trained volunteers will visit you at home once or twice a week. They can help you build family emotional well-being, advise on healthy food, physical activity and support you with parenting skills.

To join a group near you or find out about support at home call us or ask your Health Visitor or Early Years Practitioner to refer you.

Healthy Start childcare

You can choose childcare in your area with confidence that it will give your child a really good start in life. Look for nurseries and children’s centres in your area who have achieved the Healthy Early Years Award (HEY). This means that they can demonstrate that they offer families visiting them:

  • a safe welcoming environment
  • personal and emotional development
  • healthy eating/food
  • promotion of breastfeeding/infant feeding
  • physical activity
  • safety – road safety, smoke-free policy

Other training for professionals

Healthy Start in Childcare training

Early years settings who have the HEY award can also attend a 1 day Healthy Start in Childcare training course which includes studying research on obesity and the things that can lead to or prevent it.

HENRY training for professionals

Early years workers can attend a 2 day intensive training course. This training gives workers the tools to help your family to adopt a heathier lifestyle. They will be able to support and guide you to achieve your goals and help your child to be healthy and physically and emotionally ready for school when the time comes.

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