The Sheffield Urban Design Compendium is a background document which helps inform emerging policies in the Sheffield Plan.  The compendium was adopted by Cabinet in 2004 following a period of public consultation, and was adopted as a material consideration in planning decisions in the city centre.

The compendium:

  • provides helpful guidance to those preparing planning applications
  • should be taken into account as a consideration when determining planning applications
  • provides the main guiding principles for design of development within the city centre
  • seeks to provide confidence and a clear vision for private investors in the city
  • provides a basis for a new and emerging policy
  • sets out a clear strategy for the repair and enhancement of the City's public realm; seeking improvements to the public realm brought about through redevelopment of adjacent sites

Whilst the Compendium has been primarily designed for the City Centre much of the design guidance can be applied throughout the rest of the city.

Urban Design Team

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