If you currently hold an HMO licence you can apply to renew it or to make changes to the details of your licence.

What you need to renew your licence

You need to make sure that:

  • your property complies with our standards or have existing arrangement approved from the first licence
  • there are no changes from the original licence other than complying with licence conditions and standards or improvements over and above standards
  • the application is made before expiry of the previous licence
  • the licensee and manager to be as per expiring Licence with any variations as approved within the licence period

When you need to renew your licence

To qualify as a renewal your application needs to be made before your current licence expires and the licence holder will remain the same. If your licence has expired or the licence holder changes you will need to make a new application.

What changes you can make to your licence

An existing licence can be varied where there is a change to:

  • a manager
  • an address of a licence holder or manager
  • the number of people the property is licensed for

Tacit consent will not apply

It is in the public interest that we process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from us within 2 months of making an application you should contact us.


It is free to make changes to your existing licence.

Renewal fees are:

  • £430 renewal application fee for 5 person properties
  • £10 fee for each additional person for a licence renewal
  • if you withdraw your licence application before the licence has been issued you can receive a 50% refund

You can use our calculator to work out how much renewing your licence(s) will cost.

How to apply

Pay your renewal fees

Before you apply you should pay your licence renewal fees. Payments can be made online, by calling our team or by a cheque made payable to Sheffield City Council.

Apply by email or post

You can download and print the application form and send it to us by email or post. Sending by email will give clear evidence that you have submitted the form and is the preferred method of application. 
If there are more than 2 licence holders or managers you should submit an additional fit and proper declaration form with your application.

In order to receive your licence documentation electronically, you will be required to complete the Electronic Declaration pages of the form.

You should include your payment reference number with your application.

Please use the latest version of the application form provided.

Apply online to renew or change your HMO licence

How to make an appeal or a complaint

If you want to appeal a decision or make a complaint about your HMO licence or application you can do so in writing at HMO@sheffield.gov.uk or by post to:

Private Housing Standards
Moorfoot Building
S1 4PL 

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Contact Private Housing Standards

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