If you are a tenant renting from a private landlord and you have been given notice to leave (whether verbal or written) we may be able to help.

We can:

  • check that the notice is legal and valid
  • investigate landlords if they have behaved in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried
  • provide advice and support to help you

For us to provide you with advice about your notice, you will need to complete the ‘Request help with private tenancy notice to leave’ online form. Please be aware that if you want help with rehousing by the Council, you will also need to provide us with this information.

If you have been given a form 6A ‘Notice Seeking Possession’ (or section 21 notice) there are number of documents that it is likely that you will need to send us. This is so that we can advise you accurately. These documents include: 

  • the gas safety certificate given to you before you moved in
  • your current gas safety certificate
  • the energy performance certificate given to you before you moved in 
  • ‘how to rent’ booklet and 
  • deposit protection information, including a certificate properly signed by the landlord or agent

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