Improving energy efficiency can help to reduce fuel bills, prevent health problems and protect your home from the effects of damp and mould.

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust provides lots of advice to help people improve energy efficiency, including: windows, insulation, boiler and heating, water usage, lighting, use of appliances and switching suppliers.

Smart monitors

Using an OWL Smart Monitor could save you money on your fuel bills. The electronic monitors measure the gas and electricity usage in your home and help you identify which appliances are using the most energy – even those that you think are turned off.

You can borrow a Smart Monitor free of charge from libraries in Sheffield.

Meters can be loaned for up to 3 weeks, which should give you enough time to identify which appliances are using the most energy and where you can make energy savings.

Installation is easy and instructions will be provided at the time of the loan, but if you are having trouble you can use to find a local qualified electrician.

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