If you want to work with Sheffield City Council and other tenants to help shape decisions in your area you could do this by joining a Tenants and Residents Association (TARA) or setting up a new one.

You are automatically a member of your local TARA if you pay the Tenants Levy, a voluntary contribution of 10p a week paid with your rent. TARAs receive funding through the levy to work with Sheffield City Council on issues they are concerned about and to organise activities to improve their area or estate. 

If you are not a council tenant but live on the estate or in an ex council property covered by a TARA, you can join by paying £5 a year membership fee.

Setting up a new TARA

We can help you to:

  • raise interest among people in your area
  • identify your group’s aims and objectives
  • hold a first public meeting to recruit members
  • apply for grants
  • set up regular meetings with local housing staff to discuss local spending priorities
  • get formal recognition from Sheffield City Council and qualify for funding and the right for regular involvement

Keep up to date with TARA news

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