A Mutual Exchange is where 2 or more Council or Housing Association tenants can apply to exchange their homes. If you are wanting to downsize, you can also apply for priority to downsize.

The 1985 Housing Act (Part 4, Section 92) states an exchange will only be refused under the following grounds:

  • the tenancy is subject to a court order for possession
  • the tenancy is subject to a notice seeking possession or possession proceedings are pending
  • the tenant or a household member is subject to any court order or any proceedings are pending in respect of anti-social behaviour
  • the property is substantially larger than you and your family need
  • the property is too small for you and your family and would result in Overcrowding/Over Occupancy, or would break the normal letting criteria in relation to the size of the property and the number of occupants
  • the property has been let as a service tenancy
  • the property has been adapted for a person with a physical disability and is very different from other properties and if the exchange were to go ahead, a disabled person would no longer live in the property
  • the property is one of a group let to people with special needs near to social services or a special facility and if the exchange was to go ahead someone needing those services or facilities would no longer be living in the property
  • the property is the subject of a management agreement of a Housing Association and at least half the tenants of the properties within the agreement are members and the proposed tenant is not willing to become a member

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