No Idling Engines

A simple way to contribute to the quality of our air is by turning off your engine whist waiting stationary in your car.

We are encouraging parents to do this when waiting outside their child’s school. By turning off your engine you will help keep the air cleaner and your child’s lungs healthy. You will also save on fuel!

In some areas fines may be issued where a person is found idling for a period of time (after being advised by an authorised officer to turn their engine off). Signs will be displayed to mark the zones.

The signage will be rolled out in 6 phases, starting with those schools in the areas with the poorest air quality.

Phase 1 schools

  • Lowfield IJ
  • Oasis Don Valley NIJ 
  • Hillsborough NIJ   
  • Tinsley Meadows NIJ 
  • Springfield NIJ
  • Nether Green I & J
  • Woodseats NIJ
  • Manor Lodge NIJ
  • Brightside NI & Limpsfield J
  • Byron Wood NIJ
  • Holt House I & Carterknowle J
  • Whiteways NIJ
  • Netherthorpe NIJ
  • Nether Edge NIJ
  • Anns Grove NIJ
  • Dobcroft I & J
  • Meersbrook Bank NIJ
  • Wincobank NI & Concord J
  • Owler Brook NI
  • Oasis Fir Vale NIJ
  • Hunter’s Bar IJ

Phase 2

North West schools - signs due for erection in October.

Phase 3

North schools - signs due for erection in November.

Phase 4

West schools - signs due for erection in November.

Phase 5

East schools - signs due for erection in December.

Phase 6

South schools - signs due for erection in January 2019.

Air Pollution Busters
Nasty Nox - Air Pollution Buster

An unhealthy dust found in diesel cars that gets inside peoples lungs

Peril Particulate - Air Pollution Buster

Sends out horrible gas through the exhaust pipe

Daisy Driveless - Air Pollution Buster

Knows driving less is best for everyone

Will U Walkmore - Air Pollution Buster

Knows it is healthy to walk as much as you can