If you have been overpaid, we will notify you of this.

We have a policy to deal with the administration and recovery of overpayments.

We usually recover an overpayment of Housing Benefit by accepting a full repayment, or by taking a weekly amount from your future Housing Benefit (also known as ‘claw-back’).

The standard claw-back rate is currently £11.10 per week. If you are suffering from financial hardship the minimum claw-back rate can be set at £3.70 per week. To find out if you may qualify for this rate you will need to complete an Income, Expenditure and Capital form and return it to us.

If the overpayment of Housing Benefit has occurred as a result of fraud, there is a higher claw-back rate of £18.50 per week.

Pay by debit card online

You can pay your housing benefit overpayment or claw-back online, to do this you will need:

  • Your reference number
  • A debit card (please note that we do not accept credit card payments)

Contact the Benefits team

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0114 273 6777 Monday to Friday, 8:45am to 4:45pm