If you think our decision is wrong

If you think our decision about your Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support is wrong you can ask us how we’ve come to this decision. If you decide you want to appeal against our decision, download and fill in the ‘Appeals form’ below or write us a letter. The form or letter must reach us within one month of the date of our decision letter to you and must clearly state that you are making a benefit appeal.

What you must include in your appeal letter or form

  • your name, address and reference number.
  • explain clearly why you think the decision is wrong and send in any extra information you think we might need to know. Include the date of your decision letter or a copy of the decision letter.
  • you must sign the letter or form. If someone is acting on your behalf you must include your written authorisation for them to do so.

Late claims

If you make an appeal more than one month after the date of our decision letter you must give a reason why you could not appeal within the time.

What happens next

An Appeals Officer will look at your case. If they decide our original decision is wrong, they’ll contact you and let you know your new benefit amount. If they decide our original decision is correct, they’ll let you know and tell you what you can do next if you still disagree with our decision. 


Ask us a question

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