The Equality Hub Network is an independent advisory group established by Sheffield City Council to create a space in which to enable our diverse communities to have greater voice and influence over decisions in the City.

There are 7 individual hubs representing the following communities: 

  • Age Hub (intergenerational)
  • BAMER Hub (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, Refugee)
  • Carers' Hub
  • Disability Hub (all impairments)
  • LGBT+ Hub (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, other sexual orientations and gender identities)
  • Religion/Belief/No Belief Hub (includes no religious belief)
  • Women's Hub

Following concerns raised at the Equality Hub Network Board last year, we have undertaken an appraisal of the Equality Hub Network (EHN) in order to clarify the role and purpose of the Network and whether our existing structures are fit for purpose to deliver this. We’ve done this by meeting with the organisations who lead on supporting the Network and considering the feedback we’ve had from members in the past, both in terms of what works well and what we could do differently.

We remain committed to making sure there is dedicated equalities based work around engagement and influence in the city and we have had some discussions with the 6 support organisations about arrangements for the next 12-months.  

Our agreed new approach will include a strengthened role for support organisations and an increased focus on joint working. The priority will be working with our communities in the response to COVID-19, council consultations and how we work within local communities.  The EHN Board will not exist in the same way although there will be lots of opportunities to get involved. 

The response to COVID 19 has also accelerated our testing out of some different ways of working together, including increased opportunities using online engagement.  

We will continue to communicate with you about equalities and engagement issues via the mailing list about and you can contact any of the support organisations below about the Hub work they support. 

Grants supporting the Equality Hubs

The Equality and Fairness Grants 2017-20 Fund is specifically for coordinating each of the Equality Hubs (excluding the Carers’ Hub, which is included in the Carers' Contract). The fund ensures effectiveness and enables joint working.

The grants recipients, amounts awarded and their corresponding Equality Hubs are:

  • Age Hub: Age UK (£11,250) and Sheffield Futures (£3,725)
  • BAMER Hub: FaithStar Foundation (£15,000)
  • Disability Hub: Disability Sheffield (£15,000)
  • LGBT+ Hub: LGBT Sheffield (£10,000)
  • Belief and/or Religion Hub: Sheffield Faiths Together (£10,000)
  • Women’s Hub: Together Women (£10,000)