Safety in your home

We try to ensure that council properties are as safe as possible. However, you are responsible for your own safety and for anyone living with you or visiting you.

If you see something which might be a safety hazard call us on 0114 293 0000 or report repairs to 0114 273 5555.


A security light or camera will help you see who is outside and an alarm will provide extra protection to your home, as well as deterring burglars. Please make sure you ask us for permission before installing any of these.

All council staff and authorised contractors carry identification cards with photographs. If in doubt, take their name and check with us before letting them in.

Gas and electricity

You must not change any part of your home’s electrical system without our permission. Report any electrical repairs to us on 0114 273 5555.

Ensure you keep your annual gas safety appointment with us. This is a condition of your tenancy and a legal requirement. You must arrange to have your own gas appliances, such as cookers and hobs, serviced by a competent GAS SAFE registered installer. We don’t allow portable gas heaters to be used in our properties.

If there is a strong smell of gas or you think there might be a leak, immediately contact the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 and the Repairs Service Centre on 0114 273 5555.

If you want to use a room with a gas appliance in for sleeping, you must obtain permission and confirmation from us that it is safe before doing so. If your home has an instant gas water heater, make sure that the room is well ventilated.

You must contact us if you:

  • are unsure about the service requirements for your gas appliance(s)
  • think the gas appliances in your home have not been serviced
  • do not have a certificate confirming they have been serviced in the past 12 months
  • want to install a gas meter, a new gas appliance or alter an existing one

Windows and glazing

Report any defects to us immediately including:

  • problems with window safety catches (these should never be changed or removed)
  • broken glass
  • a stuck or faulty window

You must get permission from us first if you want to change any windows, paddle fans, glass doors or other glazing. Tell everyone who lives in your home where the keys are and keep a spare key in a safe place. There could be a charge if we have to change the lock.

Outside your home

Report any defects which could injure someone, such as sharp pieces of metal, missing grate covers and uneven or damaged flagstones. Remember that it’s against your tenancy conditions to leave cars on jacks or bricks in your garden.

You will need to get permission from us to have a pond or garage pit.

Water leaks and safety

If you find a serious water leak, turn the supply off at the mains tap immediately. It is usually under the sink but if you don’t know where your stop tap is, please contact us. Report it to our Repairs Service Centre as your home’s electrics may need checking.

Contact Council Housing Service

Housing and Neighbourhood Service
PO Box 5967
S2 9GH
0114 293 0000
Monday to Friday
8am to 5:30pm