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Shared Lives carers provide support in their family homes to adults who need a little extra help. It helps people stay in their communities and keep existing friendships rather than moving into residential care.

The results can be amazing! Living in a family environment helps people feel more settled and valued - with increased confidence and independence.

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Shared Lives carers

Shared Lives carers come from all walks of life and all types of home. There’s no qualifications or experience necessary, and no clocking on or off – just a rewarding way of life. 

Offering to share your home with someone who needs extra support to live well means you’re helping make a real difference to someone's life.

Carers receive:

  • weekly payments of a fixed amount (self-employed carers also benefit from preferential tax arrangements),
  • 42 nights a year as paid holiday (for long term carers supporting someone living in their home), 
  • full training and support.

There are different types of caring opportunities for Shared Lives carers. Contact us to find out more about them and which may be suitable for you. 

If you are looking for short-term care work, providing respite care as a short breaks carer
may be for you.... 

Short breaks & Respite carers

We ask just 12 days a year from our respite carers.  That 12 days gives someone who is a carer a break and can make a big difference to their life.  It may be one day a month, a weekend or a few days at a time when the person they care for comes to your home. 

We pay repite carers £65 per 24 hours for an overnight stay plus £7 food expenses, and we will train and support you.

Everyone needs a break, so please help Sheffield’s Shared Lives carers get one.  Apply here.

We ask our carers to offer:

  • a safe, stable and supported environment,
  • a home that complies with health and safety requirements and is in good condition, 
  • at least one spare bedroom (for long-term placement, short break or emergency care),
  • time and commitment to developing a long-term caring relationship,
  • support with everyday activities like making meals, shopping, taking part in hobbies, holidays, work and studies. 

Carers may need to help with:

  • accompanying people to appointments,
  • transporting people to and from leisure activities, work, or college,
  • holidays, outings and entertainment,
  • speaking up on the person's behalf (if they struggle to do so themselves),
  • helping manage finances and medication.

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The process

All carers complete an application and assessment process (approx. 3 months) involving:

  • you make an initial enquiry via our application form,
  • we contact you for a chat,
  • you submit your application form,
  • we visit you at home,
  • you are asked to attend an introduction day, 
  • we interview you with a person with experience of using Shared lives,
  • a panel assesses your suitability as a Shared Lives carer.

Applications and assessments are considered by a panel and we let you know the outcome. If you’re approved, the 'matching' process begins. We match you with someone who has needs you can meet, and ideally shares similar interests to you and lives locally. Next, we arrange for you to spend time together before you make up your mind.

Support for our carers

Shared Lives carers are at the heart of our scheme - without them we couldn't offer the service, so we support carers from the very start.

Our Shared Lives team provide:

  • visits to carers checking everything’s okay,
  • a carers handbook full of advice, hints and tips,
  • advice via phone and email,
  • ongoing training,
  • information about local events.

There are also many additional non-mandatory courses available for all Shared Lives carers. These are to support and guide carers and also for personal development.


Carers receive weekly payments of a fixed amount (£9.61 per hour for day support, £71.66 or 79.37 per night for short breaks, and £435.94 or £470.05 per week for long term support). This includes a contribution towards food and utility bills. 

Self-employed carers also benefit from preferential tax arrangements. 

Celebrating success

We hold special events for our carers to say thank you for their hard work and commitment.

Who can use Shared Lives? 

Find out more about the people who need the care and support of Shared Lives carers

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