School Attendance

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Your attendance counts

The academic and social benefits of good school attendance gives children the best start in life and beyond.

In the last few years the number of children missing days of school has increased and it is a priority in Sheffield, and in the rest of the country, to turn this around. We can all work together to improve children’s school attendance.

Being on time matters too, as being late for school can be disruptive to children and their friends in class. 

We want children to be in school every day, on time and ready to learn!

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Getting your child to school

If your child has any worries about going to school, it's best to talk to their school about it as soon as you can so they can help.

Support is also available from the Attendance and Inclusion Team.

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Managing illness

Not all illnesses mean children need to miss school. Speak to the school or check the NHS website see if your child is still able to attend.

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Every school day matters

Children are only in school for 190 days each year, leaving 175 to fit everything else in. Try to book appointments outside of school hours, and where this isn’t possible, children must go into school before and after their appointment.

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We’re asking people across our city to share with us their commitments to supporting and promoting good school attendance in Sheffield.