Economic Recovery Fund

The Economic Recovery Fund (ERF) is a grant fund supporting work to improve local high streets and encourage residents and visitors to spend their time and shop there.

Applications for Round 2 were open between 10 February and 31 May 2023.

The ERF team received a large number of high quality applications for Round 2. Since applications closed, the ERF Steering Group has looked at each eligible application in detail and scored these fairly and robustly according to the principles and process we set out to applicants.

We have notified applicants of the outcome of this initial scoring process.

Over the next month or so, we will work with groups whose applications have passed scoring to agree the final form of their projects and to contract with them.

Due to the high number of eligible applications, we have made a reduced funding offer to some groups, to enable us to fund as many projects as possible.

This page will be updated in September when that process has been completed and a Committee decision approves the final list of projects to be funded.

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