Submitting a bid for a tender opportunity

We advertise all our open opportunities on the e-tendering portal YORtender.

Register your organisation’s details, for free, to view live opportunities, ask questions and submit bids.

This is an externally hosted portal outside of the Council IT services. If you are a supplier experiencing IT issues, please contact YORtender directly at

Advertising tender opportunities

As a Public Sector organisation, the Council is required to comply with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Within the regulations it has specified thresholds in which opportunities must be advertised on the government's Find a Tender portal.

The thresholds, which are advised by Cabinet Office and reviewed every two years, as of 1 January 2024 are detailed within PPN 11/23 . Please note that the Council is not classified as a Central Government Body and therefore classified as ‘Other’.

The key thresholds for the Council are as follows (these are inclusive of VAT):

  • Supplies and Services: £214,904 (and above)
  • Light Touch Regime for Services: £663,540 (and above)
  • The Concession Contracts Regulations: £5,372,609 (and above)
  • Works: £5,372,609 (and above)

Where the Council has chosen to use a Public Sector framework, which has already been competitively procured and advertised in the open market, we are not required to openly advertise its requirement(s). We are however required to follow the rules governing the framework and only use suppliers appointed to the framework.

Contract opportunities below the PCR 2015 threshold are advertised on YORtender and the government portal Contracts Finder.

How we evaluate bids

An evaluation panel scores each eligible bid and the highest scoring bid based on the evaluation criteria is the successful bidder(s). We notify all bidders if they have been successful or unsuccessful via the YORtender portal.

Full details of the evaluation process are available within the Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Invitation to Tender (ITT) documentation. This is available to download once you have registered for YORtender.


Contract register

The Council has a requirement to publish the contracts it has in place in accordance with thresholds stated within the Public Procurement Regulations 2015. To aid transparency, the Council publishes all contracts regardless of value.

Contract details are published on YORTender under a section named ‘Contract Register’. You do not need to be a registered user of YORTender portal to view the Register.

The details listed for each contract include contract title, supplier name, start date, end date, annual value and total contract value.

You can also see a list of all contracts held by all Local Authorities who use the YORTender portal.

Future opportunities

Our procurement pipeline provides a forward look of potential and current procurement activity.

The pipeline includes market engagements, planned procurements, tenders in progress and future pipeline opportunities.

Please be aware of the following with regard to the pipeline:

  • there is no guarantee that any published opportunity will lead to a tender publication or contract award
  • the information in the pipeline reflects the anticipated procurement pipeline as at the publication date and may be subject to change
  • a decision to procure any of these requirements is subject to our decision-making process
  • the publication of value is an estimation for indicative purposes only
  • the information and material contained in this publication is provided for general information purposes only
  • the procurement pipeline will be updated every 6 months (at a minimum)

All notices and our current procurements are posted on the YORtender portal.

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