Employment and skills service

We are the Council’s employment and skills service. We create employment opportunities and break down barriers to employment, particularly for those furthest from the labour market.  

We help businesses grow and develop a skilled, adaptable workforce, enabling them to thrive and support the growth of the local economy. 

We can also provide financial incentives for employers to create apprenticeships for disadvantaged individuals.

Events and job fairs

Opportunity Sheffield is an organisation that hosts networking events and Sheffield's Working Jobs Fairs each month in locations all over the city. For the latest news and events, follow our social media channels:

Employment and Skills Programmes

Our employment and skills programmes are designed to help:

  • people facing barriers - individuals who want to start their employment journey but don't know how, including those with disabilities, physical or mental health issues, criminal records, skills deficits and a lack of work experience
  • local employers - we offer expert assistance to Sheffield employers, by providing specialist help to access, nurture and retain skilled employees
  • developers / contractors - organisations that are seeking to invest in new development projects in Sheffield and create employment opportunities for local people

Details of our programmes are available below.

Apprenticeship Ready

Our Apprenticeship Ready service provides information, advice and guidance (IAG) for young people who are considering the post-16 and post-18 apprenticeship route. Our annual ‘Apprenticeships: Be Inspired’ careers fair gives young people from schools and sixth forms across the region the opportunity to meet employers and apply for real vacancies.

We also help local employers prepare for apprenticeships by:

  • explaining the value of recruiting and employing a learner
  • helping to identify opportunities in the workplace
  • helping to formulate a job description
  • providing support with the recruitment and onboarding process

For school/IAG enquiries email apprenticeshipready@sheffield.gov.uk.
For employers looking to recruit, email Pippa Proctor pippa.proctor@sheffield.gov.uk
 or call 0114 229 6149.

ESF Pathways

Our flagship employment support programme has supported thousands of participants into employment, education and training since May 2019. Comprising of two ESF projects – Ambition and Pathways to Success – the project supports economically inactive and unemployed people with barriers to entry towards and into work.

We support people with a range of barriers, including physical disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health, lone parents, care leavers, homeless people, ex-offenders, refugees and asylum seekers, ethnic minorities and those who are lacking skills and experience, economically inactive or socially excluded.

ESF Pathways is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

Email opportunity@sheffield.gov.uk or call 0114 229 6168.

Sheffield's Working

Sheffield’s Working supports local people into work, typically those who have barriers to employment and are disadvantaged in the labour market. Our Sheffield’s Working jobs fairs, delivered in community locations in partnership with Jobcentre Plus, provide a vital link between unemployed people and employers who have vacancies to fill.

Email opportunity@sheffield.gov.uk or call 0114 229 6168.

Sector Routeways

Our Sector Routeways programme has been co-designed with representatives of Sheffield’s growth sector businesses in construction, care, engineering and manufacturing, fibre installation and new tech/digital. We provide individuals looking for work in the sectors with a short ‘bootcamp’ style training programme and industry-based work experience.

Once individuals are trained, motivated and ready to work, we seek local businesses to take prospective candidates on short work placements with a view to supporting them to become employees and filling recruitment gaps.

Sector Routeways is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

Email sectorrouteways@sheffeld.gov.uk or call 07388385584.

Advance Sheffield

Advance is an ESF-funded scheme which operates across South Yorkshire. Locally, Advance Sheffield is a business-focused support function. Employers receive a dedicated Account Manager to provide guidance on the often confusing range of skills and employment programmes, funding and grant schemes that exist.  

Any employed individual can also access the scheme directly for impartial advice and guidance about the training opportunities open to them to help advance their career.

Email Pippa Proctor pippa.proctor@sheffield.gov.uk or call 0114 229 6149.

Advancing Digital

Our Advancing Digital programme is designed to help employees make the most of digital technologies. We work with employers to identify what business needs could be met by adopting new technologies and adapting those already in place. This might be communication, customer interaction, security or financial management technology.

Once an employer has identified what they want to improve and who is best placed to do it, we provide the training and bespoke business support to make it happen.

Advancing Digital is funded by the European Social Fund.

Email robert.walker@sheffield.gov.uk or call 07876137232.

Talent Sheffield

Our Talent Sheffield service works alongside the Council's Planning and Procurement functions, and in conjunction with private-sector contractors, to maximise the social and economic value of new developments. Our Investment Support Programme encourages the creation and support of jobs, educational curriculum activities, work placements and apprenticeships in the city.

Email opportunity@sheffield.gov.uk or call 0114 229 6168.

Work Experience

Our Work Experience programme supports young people in Year 10 and above and their schools with work experience opportunities. We source placements and manage the whole process for up to 2,000 students every year. This includes physical and virtual based experiences of the workplace, making sure all our young people have the chance to develop key employability skills.

Contact workexperience@sheffield.gov.uk for more information.