Prepare your business for disruptions and incidents

What would happen if your business had to run without your premises, suppliers, IT, phones or even your staff?

Making a Business Continuity Plan will help you prepare for and respond to disruptions and incidents.

The plan would help you define the key products and services you would still be able to deliver.

Basic business continuity - 5 steps

  • understand the risks your business faces and identify its key functions
  • identify resources required to resume the appropriate level of service delivery
  • develop a contingency plan to meet the level of delivery identified in Stage 2
  • train your staff, make them aware of the importance of business continuity
  • exercise your plans and regularly review and update them
Business Continuity Management Toolkit

Find out what is happening locally to prepare and to respond to emergencies from the South Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum.

Our role

The Emergency Planning Shared Service is here to provide general assistance to business and voluntary organisations in relation to business continuity management in the event of disruption and/or incidents.

We plan to help prepare for every eventuality and reduce disruption when incidents occur.

It is your responsibility as a business owner or manager to develop your own plans; we can offer advice and guidance.

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