Civil partnership

Civil partnership enables same sex couples to obtain legal recognition of their relationship under the Civil Partnership Act 2004. As of 2 December 2019 opposite sex couples can also form a civil partnership.

Registration of a civil partnership provides couples with rights and obligations which are similar to those acquired through marriage.

England and Wales passed legislation in March 2014 to allow same sex couples to get married.

Civil partnerships for opposite sex and same sex couples

To form a civil partnership you must be:

  • 18 years or older

You must not:

  • already be a civil partner or married
  • be closely related (the Act gives details of prohibited relationships)

The formation/ceremony

The Civil Partnership will be registered once each of you have signed the civil partnership schedule in the presence of the registrar and two witnesses.

A ceremony is not required but we would be pleased to offer a ceremony if you so wish. We have provided some samples of ceremonies.

Ceremony rooms and prices

The Loxley room is a small ceremony room for up to 16 guests. It is available Monday to Friday for £162 (including registrars).

The Arundel and Norfolk rooms are dressed and hold up to 45 guests. The Hallam room is dressed and holds up to 56 guests. The rooms are available Monday to Saturday for £249 (including registrars).

Our ceremony rooms

The Loxley Room

The Arundel Room

The Norfolk Room

The Hallam Room

Statutory Register Office

The Register Office is available the third Wednesday of every month for couples who just want to attend with their 2 witnesses. 

This takes place in a working office and costs a statutory fee of £68.50 (including registrars) for the certificate. 

Contact Register Office

Town Hall
Pinstone Street
S1 2HH

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