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City Profile Introduction

Sheffield is one of England’s largest cities and a metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire, England. It gained its city charter in 1893 and officially became titled the City of Sheffield.  It now covers a total area of 368 km2.

Sheffield City Council is a metropolitan district. As such, we have responsibility for the full range of local authority services. Only public transport, fire & civil defence and the Police Authority are managed across the whole of South Yorkshire.


Sheffield is located fairly centrally in Britain in the metropolitan county of South Yorkshire.  It is the only city to include part of a national park, the Peak District, within its borders.

Sheffield is geographically very diverse. The urban area nestles in a natural bowl created by seven hills and the confluence of 5 rivers: the Don, Sheaf, Rivelin, Loxley and Porter.

Much of the city is built on these hillsides, with views into the city centre or out to open countryside.  With an estimated total of over two million trees, Sheffield has more trees per person than any other city in Europe. It has over 170 woodlands, 78 public parks and 10 public gardens.

Added to this are 135 km2 of national park and almost 11 km2 of water, resulting in 61 percent of the city comprising green space.


Sheffield’s central location places it well on the national transport network.  The M1 motorway runs through its borders.

The Midland Main Line railway links Sheffield to the East Midlands and London,  whilst cross-country services providing direct rail links with Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Taunton and Exeter. Sheffield also lies on the line linking Liverpool and Manchester with Hull and East Anglia.

The closest international airport is Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport. Manchester, Leeds Bradford and East Midland airports are also within one hour’s drive of the city. Manchester Airport also has a direct rail link.

Overview of Sheffield's Profile

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