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Chief Executive and Executive Directors

Our Executive Management Team (EMT) comprises of the Chief Executive and Executive Directors and provides strategic direction.

It deals with key corporate issues and strategic service issues. It makes decisions, formulates recommendations for the political leadership, and gives a steer on policy issues where this is necessary.

EMT can make managerial decisions on how we operate or on the application of policy that has already been politically agreed, but not set new policy which is the role of elected members.

Issues that go to EMT that require a political decision then go onto a Cabinet Management Team/EMT meeting, then onto Cabinet, and where necessary onto a meeting of Full Council.

There are 4 Executive Directors who are each responsible for a portfolio, and who are members of EMT. The Policy, Performance and Communications service, which is not part of any portfolio, is represented at EMT by the Chief Executive.


Chief Executive

John Mothersole
PA: Shona Cook
Telephone: 0114 2734002


Our portfolios


Structure chart and headcount

 Our Pay Policy.


Trade Unions

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