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How we will deliver

Corporate Plan 2015-18

The Corporate Plan for 2015-18, sets the our direction and priorities for the next 3 years and how we will go about achieving them.

It is essential to know what we are doing is working and that we are delivering on the promises made. 

Performance indicators, or measures of success, provide an objective way of defining what we are trying to achieve and what we think goo performance looks like, by setting ambitious but realistic targets.

Delivering the Corporate Plan will be a priority for us over the next 3 years and measures of success will be defined and used as part of the council's approach to performance management. 

This includes quarterly reporting, where possible, which will be made publicly available.  We will publish our overall progress against the plan in a report at the end of each financial year.


Strategies, plans and policies

Strategies, plans and policies contains the strategies, plans or policies that describe our approach to issue in detail.


Managing performance

We manage performance through our Performance Management Framework.

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