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Website disclaimer and link policy


Website disclaimer

We make every effort to keep the information in this website up to date and accurate, but we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage which may happen from using any information.

Every page has a translation facility: Google translate. The website has 16,000 pages, around 100 are updated every day and we are unable to translate them all into every language used in Sheffield. This is a free, automated tool. We admit that the translations from this facility aren't perfect but we would rather provide some help rather than nothing.

If you find anything on the site which worries or upsets you, please let us know by emailing



Our website's copyright statement.


Malicious software

We make every effort to exclude malicious software from this site and cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur from any use of information on this site.

Regularly check your computer for malicious software with appropriate and up to date anti virus software products.


Link requests to other websites

We are not responsible for any aspect of any website we do not control, nor do we accept any responsibility for sites linked from this one.

Creating a link does not imply that we endorse the views expressed on that linked website.

We only link to partner or not for profit websites, as we:

  • don't have the resources to maintain links to all the websites we receive requests for

  • can't endorse any one business over another

Email if you require more information.


Emailing us

Please note that if you click on an email address in one of our web pages and you have a PC that uses a Microsoft based operating system, it will automatically try to open a Microsoft email application.

If you haven't got this installed your PC will display error messages and ask you technical questions.

Ignore these and either retype or copy and paste the email address into the system you usually use for your emails.

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